What You Did Not Know About Ms. Andrias

Written by: RSS Student Naomi ’20

RSSConnectEveMs. Andrias, the new Middle School head, is excited to be working with students at Rodeph Sholom School this year, and also has some distinctive facts to share about herself with the school.

Ms. Andrias, former Director of Learning Resources for The Spence School, shares that she “really loves the community and how welcoming” everyone at RSS has been to her, as well as “how excited the students are to get really involved in all the parts of the community… and how seriously students take their work.” From newspaper and yearbook to Student Council, Ms. Andrias loves that students have been participating in almost everything, and are very enthusiastic about their school and improving it.

Previously, Ms. Andrias taught Middle School Humanities, English, swimming, and yearbook. She has also taught math, but has never taught science.

Ms. Andrias shared that what attracted her to RSS was that she really loves Middle School and that she always wanted to work at a Jewish Day School. This school is also a part of Ms. Andrias’s childhood, though she never went here herself, because her best friend from high school attended RSS. Last year, when she came to visit, she shared that she “just fell in love with the school” and knew she had to work here.

Ms. Andrias has taught not only in America, but also in Israel. There she taught English to 1st through 6th graders who already were fluent in English. She had about 50 students at different times, whom she taught completely in English. This is similar to the Native Hebrew Speakers program at RSS.

She returns to Israel almost every other year to visit family, and her family went on a trip to Israel this past December. In addition to traveling to Israel, Ms. Andrias enjoys exploring new places.

Ms. Andrias isn’t sure of her favorite movie, but likes the movie Water because as she shares, it’s “just really beautiful.” Her favorite book is Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s a historical fiction novel about the history of Nigeria.

Ms. Andrias used to have a pet cat growing up, but doesn’t have any pets currently because her husband is allergic. She has a son named Nadav who’s eight years old.

Some activities that Ms. Andrias enjoys are swimming, reading, hiking, and eating dark chocolate and brie cheese. She also loves the ocean, as well as New York City. Swimming is her favorite sport to participate in, and she was on the swim team in high school. However, in terms of watching sports she likes figure skating, gymnastics, and diving, because, as she says, “it’s just amazing that people can do that with their bodies.”

Ms. Andrias is extremely excited to have joined RSS, and hopes to bring her interests, hobbies, and unique insights into the school and to use them to strengthen the community.

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